I knew from the moment I gazed into her eyes that I would be going home with her; she didn’t know it yet but, after another couple of visits, she knew I was the one she wanted to take home with her to join the family.


My fur mum told me this was going to be my big day. I was excited and nervous when my human mum came to pick me up. As happy as I was going with her, I was confused and sad to leave my mum and siblings behind. I took one last look at my fur mum, brothers, and sisters; off we went to what would become my new home and new family.


I met my new brother, Oscar, almost immediately; I was so glad to have a new sibling; I couldn’t wait to snuggle up with him on his bed.


Oscar, though, had other ideas; none involved snuggling then or now. I would learn very quickly that he is very different from me, but he is still my brother, and I love him most of the time.


So here we are almost nine years later, and I’ve been saving up my ‘Pawket’ money so that I could become a Paw Patron for Team Bella. 


You see, Oscar is famous because – mum shared his story in Bella’s Dash. Bella’s Dash is a book about rescue dogs and their humans. 


If you didn’t know already, my brother Oscar’s a rescue pup, and even though sometimes he bugs me – I would not have it any other way.  


What I do know is if I’m scared, I know I can always hide underneath him (literally) or behind him; he’s my protector in my eyes; he’s my big brother!


We have had some great adventures together -some my mum wasn’t so happy about – but that’s a whole other story! 


From time to time, I like to remind Oscar that I don’t take any guff. I show him my teeth and growl some days to make sure he knows. Most days, we play, ignore each other, or get into scraps – which mum tells us off for – we are family. 


Without the love and support of Rescue Societies, Oscar probably wouldn’t be here right now, so please become a Paw Patron (lots of different levels to choose from) or donate to Team Bella. It is so very important to my human parents and me!


Submitted by Rachel Dyer – Hank and Oscar’s Mom


As we jump for joy, celebrating the adoption of each rescue dog, it’s bittersweet knowing that there are more dogs and pups need.

The truth is dog rescue never stops. There are always dogs needing help. That said, those who work in animal rescue remain hopeful and dedicated to the day the shelters are empty.

There is hope with the help and work of S.N.A.P. (Spay, Neuter, and Prevention).

Spaying or neutering is the first step in preventing the overpopulation of dogs and cats, who become strays. Sadly, unwanted and cast aside.

This graphic tells the story of overpopulation.

One female and male dog and their offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in six years! Those adorable puppies become adults and continue to reproduce, and tragically, many are abandoned or, worse, abused.

Awareness and control of the animal population are crucial steps in animal rescue.

Here’s where we all come in.

Team Bella, a legacy project that raises funds for S.N.A.P., a phenomenal organization that is an independent, non-profit organization in Los Barriles, Mexico, performs FREE sterilization clinics for dogs and cats to the Mexican Community.

Volunteering at SNAP clinics is one of the most rewarding experiences we have ever had. Knowing we are helping to reduce the animal population and, therefore, the abandonment of unwanted animals does the heart good.

With every purchase of Bella’s Dash, we donate 20% to our worthy causes. Please join us in supporting this critical work.

Together we can paw-sitively make a difference.