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From the Pack: Hank & Oscar

I knew from the moment I gazed into her eyes that I would be going home with her; she didn’t know it yet but, after another couple of visits, she knew I was the one she wanted to take home with her to join the family.   My fur mum told me this was going to […]

67,000 Dogs

As we jump for joy, celebrating the adoption of each rescue dog, it’s bittersweet knowing that there are more dogs and pups need. The truth is dog rescue never stops. There are always dogs needing help. That said, those who work in animal rescue remain hopeful and dedicated to the day the shelters are empty. […]

The Dash – Bella’s Dash

Why Bella’s Dash? What does it mean? Many have been asking me why the name Bella’s Dash? What’s in a name? Everything: titles matter; they matter a lot. Ask any publisher how important the title and cover are, and they will rate them right up there with the story itself. I knew the title before […]