I knew from the moment I gazed into her eyes that I would be going home with her; she didn’t know it yet but, after another couple of visits, she knew I was the one she wanted to take home with her to join the family.


My fur mum told me this was going to be my big day. I was excited and nervous when my human mum came to pick me up. As happy as I was going with her, I was confused and sad to leave my mum and siblings behind. I took one last look at my fur mum, brothers, and sisters; off we went to what would become my new home and new family.


I met my new brother, Oscar, almost immediately; I was so glad to have a new sibling; I couldn’t wait to snuggle up with him on his bed.


Oscar, though, had other ideas; none involved snuggling then or now. I would learn very quickly that he is very different from me, but he is still my brother, and I love him most of the time.


So here we are almost nine years later, and I’ve been saving up my ‘Pawket’ money so that I could become a Paw Patron for Team Bella. 


You see, Oscar is famous because – mum shared his story in Bella’s Dash. Bella’s Dash is a book about rescue dogs and their humans. 


If you didn’t know already, my brother Oscar’s a rescue pup, and even though sometimes he bugs me – I would not have it any other way.  


What I do know is if I’m scared, I know I can always hide underneath him (literally) or behind him; he’s my protector in my eyes; he’s my big brother!


We have had some great adventures together -some my mum wasn’t so happy about – but that’s a whole other story! 


From time to time, I like to remind Oscar that I don’t take any guff. I show him my teeth and growl some days to make sure he knows. Most days, we play, ignore each other, or get into scraps – which mum tells us off for – we are family. 


Without the love and support of Rescue Societies, Oscar probably wouldn’t be here right now, so please become a Paw Patron (lots of different levels to choose from) or donate to Team Bella. It is so very important to my human parents and me!


Submitted by Rachel Dyer – Hank and Oscar’s Mom